Want to start a Home Made business but not sure what to do? No problem! Here are some suggestions you may like.

Home Made Food

(No qualifications required)

  1. Make vegan food
  2. Make carb clever food
  3. Make Indian cuisine
  4. Make Mexican cuisine
  5. Make good old South African braai
  6. Bake a variety of breads
  7. Make no-bake desserts
  8. Bake cakes
  9. Make burgers
  10. Bake rusks
  11. Bake a variety of cookies
  12. Sell fresh fruits and vegetables
  13. Make smoothies
  14. Make chocolate from scratch
  15. Make soups
  16. Sell a variety of hot chocolate / coffee
  17. Make Home Made cordials

Arts & Crafts

(No qualifications required)

  1. Sell Knitted Clothing
  2. Sell Second Hand Clothing
  3. Sell your own paintings
  4. Sell your own drawings
  5. Make hand creams and body butter
  6. Sell your own pottery
  7. Sell your own scrap booking
  8. Sell handmade decorations
  9. Sell flowers
  10. Sell handmade jewellery
  11. Make treats for pets
  12. Make gift cards
  13. Make furniture
  14. Sell homemade gift baskets
  15. Sell collectables



  1. Do dog walking (no qualification required)
  2. Start a pet washing service (no qualification required)
  3. Run a car wash (no qualification required)
  4. Tutor school subjects to school children
  5. Do babysitting/ Au Pairing (no qualification required)
  6. Run a home day care or creche
  7. Be a voice over artist (no qualification required)
  8. Run a bed and breakfast (no qualification required)
  9. Run a laundry/ironing service (no qualification required)
  10. Teach a sport that you are good at (no qualification required)
  11. Do sports massage 
  12. Be a wedding planner (no qualification required)
  13. Be an engagement planner (no qualification required)
  14. Be a personal trainer who goes to people’s homes or have your home open for lessons
  15. Provide professional services from home
  16. Start a car repair / servicing business
  17. Teach a skill that you are good at (no qualification required)
  18. Start a cleaning service for homes, businesses or restaurants (no qualification required)
  19. Hire out functional equipment that you may have lying at home (no qualification required)
  20. Be a photographer
  21. Start a car hire business (no qualification required)

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